Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swing Dancing

The term swing dancing covers several dances, including East Coast, West Coast, Lindy Hop, Balboa and others. This style of dancing was popular in the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's and tapered off in the 1950's which makes it perfect for many vintage gals. It's very fun and casual and you can dance to your favorite vintage tunes or impress your friends as you rock out to modern music.

Vintage swing dancers!

Modern dancers working the vintage.

I am particularly partial to swing dancing as I met my husband at one. :D It's also a great place to wear out your fun twirly skirts! If you are looking for a place to swing or learn to swing, many major cities and universities have clubs. Ballroom dance studios are also an option, but they tend to be more expensive.

Check out the cute shoes!

Here the girl is wearing ballroom dance shoes.

One of the great things about swing dancing is that you can do it in sneakers! If you dance regularly you may want to invest in a pair just for dancing as most dance studios and halls prefer that you not ruin their floors with street shoes. Besides sneakers, you can get ballroom dance shoes like these:

This type of shoe has a flexible sole, reasonable heal, and special bottoms that help out a lot with turns!

You can also get cute vintage inspired dance shoes!

Swing dancing is a great hobby for the vintage guy or gal. It's fun, vintage, and is a great way to get exercise!


  1. Hi Stephanie

    I accidentially found your really nice blog whengoogling swing dance shoes. The black and white one looks really nice. Anywhere I could find a pair?

    Best Regrads

  2. Danielle, I'm not sure where you can purchase dance shoes like these. You'll probably be best off looking at a specialty dance store if you want dancing shoes. My pair were bought for me in China so I don't have any particular stores to suggest. Sorry!

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  4. I wish I could swing dance, and have someone to do it with! It looks so fun. Everytime I hear some big band, my feet can't control themselves!