Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Style Inspiration: Pushing Daisies

I love the show Pushing Daisies. It was so qwirky, stylish and fresh. It's not on anymore but you can get the seasons on dvd. I have season 1! The show is about Ned, the pie maker, who has the ability to bring things back to life with one touch and back to dead with touch two. He solves mysteries with his partner, Emerson Cod. Ned touches a victim, asks who killed him and then renders the victim dead again. One day, life hands him back his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles-in a coffin. He brings her back to life, but she must leave her old life behind and never touch Ned again.

The now trio solves qwirky mysteries in places with cutesy names all while fabulously dressed.
Chuck has a great eclectic style that I adore! Peter Pan collars, sweaters, trench coats, oversized sunglasses, dresses, hats and scarves are the staples of her wardrobe.


More Chuck, except #1, which is Olive. I love the floral on floral on floral! The designers on this show certainly weren't afraid of print!Pushing Daisies Inspired Ensemble
Pushing Daisies Inspired Ensemble by Stephanie Thorpe featuring vintages dresses

Enjoy my Pushing Daisies inspired ensemble!


  1. Gee - I LOVE Pushing Daisies!! So sad that it was dropped.. I have both seasons on DVD - that's somewhat a bit comfort.. ;")

  2. It was sooo inspiring, and I think it helped to show how cute wearing vintage can be (right?)

  3. @Jen

    I know! I love how Chuck is vintage and modern at the same time. I think vintage can feel kind of intimidating for some people (especially if you add period hair and make-up), but this style is totally wearable for anyone.