Monday, January 24, 2011

Katharine Style

Since I already covered Audrey for the Hepburn Hepburn Project, today is Katherine style inspiration. I do have to admit that I know a lot less about Katherine. One thing that struck me about her is how glamorous she looked, no matter what she wore.

I wish I looked this glamorous in a robe.

Katharine is also famous for her stylish suits and trousers.

I love how she looks about 8' tall here!

The girl can also rock a dress.

Isn't she darling?

I love this smart jacket!

Even surprised she looks great.


  1. I just cannot get myself to like her. She did have great style though.

  2. Great post!I love Katherine & her fab style.I love how gutsy she was but could still play soft & feminine,although i didn't really like her as Jo in Little Women.