Monday, March 21, 2011

Etsy does vintage sailor

More nautical lovelies coming your way! This week's nautical inspiration is vintage lovelies currently for sale on etsy! There's a ton of stuff out there, but with the weather turning warm all over the country, expect the gems to be snatched up soon.

Cute front button shorts with anchor buttons!

I love the flags on this red faux wrap skirt.

A cute drop waist sailor dress

This darling dress is a bit outside of the box in baby blue.

This red play suit is a little bit sailor and a whole lotta fabulous!

Another sailor dress in a unique color- chocolate brown.

More sailor dresses! This one is in the traditional colors with two rows of buttons down the front.

This gray dress is sailor in a very different way. Sail boats, palm trees and seagulls oh my!

Check out this great 1915 sailor shirt!

Have you spotted any vintage sailor lovelies on etsy lately? Have any in your shop? Do share a link!

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