Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Blouse Quest

Now that I'm actually paying attention to my wardrobe, I'm beginning to notice some holes. I am in desperate need of some plain blouses in neutral colors to act as a base for some of my more fun skirts. I have a lot of blouses that are printed, too small, look weird tucked in, are the odd colors or are just a bit too immodest for my current taste. So I'm asking for your help to find a great blouse pattern so I can whip up some nice tops.

My criteria are:

1) Not button up the front and no zippers!
2) Nothing too complicated looking
3) A modest neckline
4) Will look great in solids
5) No strapless/spaghetti straps

Some things I'd like to have but are not necessary:

1) Vintage inspired or repro
2) Can be made in lots of types of fabrics

Do you have any go to blouse patterns? I'd love to see any you've made so feel free to leave a link (or two).


  1. That's a big, big ask. The thing is, you won't have much by way of good fit without closures. I think you're not likely to find what you're looking for in a vintage pattern, though it's possible I haven't seen every vintage pattern out there. ;) Could I be a pain and ask why no buttons or zips?

    That said, I think this burda top from 08-2009 might fit the bill. It would look great without the ruffle, too.

    The other option would be knit tops, but they're not the most comfortable thing to wear in summer.

  2. @ Steph

    I don't want zippers because my machine is an old hand-me-down and the company has changed the way their feet attach so I can't get a zipper foot (or any other foot for that matter) so that makes things difficult. *Sigh* I really don't want to buy a new machine just for the feet but it is frustrating.

    I wouldn't mind some buttons, I just don't really want a front button down shirt because I'm pretty chesty and they tend to gap awkwardly even if they lay flat while I'm standing still. I know that shouldn't be a problem if the shirt actually fits correctly, but shopping at the mall has me running in fear from anything that buttons down the front.

    I'm not too terribly worried about things not being heat appropriate even though summer is just around the corner, as I'll probably be spending as much time as possible in doors with ac, especially if I get the summer job I want.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Portia is hosting a draft along for blouses where you draft and design your own blouse totally tailored to your body shape. It just started this week - so you have plenty of time to join! http://portialawrie.blogspot.com/

  4. Sometimes you can find button down the back blouses, particularly in vintage. Or side buttons. I have a nice blouse pattern from folkwear that made up pretty nicely. You can raise the neckline to suit. (And you will want to, but it's ridiculously easy to do with this).

  5. I have THE PERFECT blouse pattern for you!!! Sewaholic's Pendrell: http://sewaholic.net/sewing-pattern-store/1001-pendrell-blouse/

    It's awesome! No closures, looks great tucked in or not, pretty, feminine, and has a definite vintage/retro feel.