Monday, April 11, 2011

Collegiate Style

I watched Mona Lisa Smile today! I just love this movie. There is so much drool worthy 50s styles. It has everything from wedding attire, 50s collegiate style, lounge wear, and pjs! I've already done a film and fashion blog on this piece, but I thought I'd bring you some actual vintage collegiate inspiration.

Hanging around campus in saddle shoes!

Young love?

Aren't these three girl friends so cute!

Chatting between classes.

Eeep! Look at these lovely girls.

Lounging in the dorm!

And here's a bit of color!

I love collegiate fashion... maybe because I'm in college myself. So I whipped up a cute collegiate look for today. Too bad the camera was left in my hubby's car. :( So maybe there will be pictures later.


  1. Oh - I would love to see some pictures of you in collegiate style! Great post - and: I like Mona Lisa Smile very, very much.. ;")

  2. gosh, college never looked so fashionable! I think I've seen Mona Lisa smile 50 times...and still enjoy it!