Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hey, Mama, Welcome to the 60s

I don't usually list the 60s as a decade I use for fashion inspiration, but lately I've been exploring the early 60s (and perhaps watching too much Hairspray) and finding quite a few lovelies.

Look at this lovely blue flora dress with self-fabric belt! I'd love a peak at the crinolines she's wearing.

Check out the variety of necklines and sleeves on these three dresses.

What a great floral print! Can you imagine a better dress for a classy garden party?

I love the 'stripes' on this skirt made by alternating the direction of the gingham.

So Jackie! I love Jackie's sense of style. The boxy style doesn't go so great with my body type but I love to look.

This pattern has lots of options! I love the sharp v necklines.

I'm still not crazy about 60s hair, but that may be because my hair does not like to get that kind of volume, even with ridiculous amounts of hairspray. Are you a fan of 60s fashion? Have you been expanding your fashion inspiration lately?


  1. You already mentioned my favourite part of the decade, the hair! It's so big and glamourous, and a little on the ridiculous side, which is right up my alley! :)

  2. I love most fashion years pre-1975, but the early 60s are definitely a particular favorite of mine! They still had all the ladylike shapes of the 50's, but everything was much more wearable. Plus, two words: wiggle dresses. It doesn't get any better!

    Incidentally, I LOVE the neckline detail on that McCall's pattern. Must track down my own copy...

  3. I do love the fashions from 1960-1962. I love the full skirts, the accessories, the natural fibres (hate the polyester revolution), and the overall prettiness.

    I prefer the 60's hairstyles of Twiggy and Mia Farrow.