Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Apron Adaptations

So this is kind of a part 2 to the State Fair fashion inspiration. One of Margy's skirts had an apron built into it and one of her pinafores looked so similar to apron patterns I'd seen. It would be pretty easy to turn and apron pattern into a skirt or pinafore, just draft a back and lengthen! And there are tons of vintage apron patterns on etsy! So here are some I found that I thought would be good for an apron makeover.

The one on the left looks very similar to Margy's skirt. Instead of attaching the apron to it's own waist band, sandwich it between the skirt and waist band pieces of another skirt. There are so many options too! You could do something crazy and eye catching like these or something simpler like Margy's.

I love the interesting waist band on this one!

This one has a lovely v neck option like the one from the movie! Just add ruffles and a back to the skirt!

I love the pointed waistband!

Scallops anyone! This pattern looks like it comes with a back so you only need to lengthen!

Version 2 would make a great pinafore.

I really love some of the mail order apron patterns. They just seem so much more special.

So girly!

Check out those fish! And the back of the top! What great architecture! This one even looks like it almost closes already in the skirt!


  1. I love aprons, went to the local antique mall on Saturday. Lots of booths set in the old train station here in town. One both had probably 30 aprons in it. I got some great embellishment ideas from them, like stitching rickrack down in a crisscross. I'll have to do some soon and share.

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