Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Suits for Summer

Summer is here and for many of us that means beach getaways and pool side lounging. Personally, I don't do a lot of swimming. I do have a tankini from Kohls that I got way back in high school. It fits (ish) and I pull it out if I'm going to be staying at a hotel with a hot tub. But if I did love to swim or didn't go do Florida in January, I'd do it in style with one of these!

Look at these lovely ladies. The pale blue one on the left is my favorite.

This is what I need! A suit with some support!

Check out the print on this sexy Hawaiian suit with a tie skirt.

Check out the seams on this one! Lovely! And she completes her look with a smart hat.

The lovely striped one looks like it comes with a circle skirt cover-up. What a great idea for some vintage flair!

I've always heard that horizontal stripes are a big no no, but these will make your tiny waist look even tinier!

Ruffles and rouching!

Florals are always a popular choice.

Not daring enough to wear a two piece? Try a cut out like the one on the left!

Gingham with piping! Sign me up!

Do you have a vintage or repro swim suit that you love?


  1. I love that top navy bathing suit. So cute! I actually have 2 vintage bathing suits that I found at the Springfield Flea Market and then I made 1 reproduction swim suit from Wearing History's reproduction pattern she has. I love them because they are so complimentary on everyone....not like the suits nowadays!

  2. The Jetzen ones look to me like girdles with fancy fabrics... A little risque. hehe. I don't know if I'd dare wear a strapless anything anywhere near the water. Even with straps, I've lost swimsuit tops....