Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Decade to Love

Recently, I've been really inspired by mid to late 1930s fashions. I really love the shape! I feel like the skirt shape is really the 1930s version of wide legged trousers-they skim over the hips and go straight down. I also feel like there are a lot of beautiful and practical things from this period. (Being in a depression probably had something to do with it.)

Also I saw this lovely ensemble:

by This Old Life (seriously, she's fabulous!) made from this pattern:

by Eva Dress. Seriously, I need to get this. I really want a cape for fall/winter too!

And here are some other lovelies:

I think my biggest difficulty with going 30s is the hair. Finger waves were in and I don't think I've ever done finger waves! I know some ladies sleep in the clips but I sleep on my side so that's really a no go. Guess I'll have to get tons of great 30s hats to cover my hair. ;)


  1. All of those are so pretty! I generally have not paid much attention to the 30's but after seeing these images I might need to rethink my take on the 30's. So many of these would be wearable today, especially if you shortened the skirts a bit. :}

    Good luck with the finger waves! The only thing I can do is the 70s long and straight hair.

  2. I LOVE the 'This Old Life' blog...fabulous sewing! This is definitely my favourite time period too!

  3. Regarding the 30s hairstyles, my mom used to wear "pincurls" to bed, using two clips crossed in an "X" holding a wound-up circle of hair in place. This might help the sleeping on curlers issue. Only works for shorter hair though. Cute dresses. Old movies often show dresses that would totally work today. Such flattering shapes. I'm always searching photos from the 30s, 40s and 50s for my blog.

  4. This is so beautiful and chic. Great colours