Monday, July 11, 2011

A clean sink

My apartment is generally a mess. I figured that being a stay at home spouse *coughunemployedcough* would change all that. Somehow, I thought I'd go all fab 50s housewife. Well, it's July and my apartment is really not any better. Hmmmm...... So, when a friend suggested, I thought I'd look into it.

This site helps you organize your cleaning schedule, develop good habits and keep your home in guest ready condition. It looks fairly complicated but they do have a handy 31 day beginner ease into things course which I started today.

The task for day 1 was to clean my sink. I thought it was a rather odd place to start, but after soaking in bleach water for 2 hours (1 hour for each side), cleaning, scrubbing, shining and lots of rinsing, I had a clean sink. And for the first time in forever, there were no dishes in it! (And there won't be anymore if things go according to plan. They hide in a bucket under the sink.) And it really feels awesome each time I go into my kitchen and see my clean, shiny, dish free sink. So maybe this lady knows what she's talking about.

The rest of my day was also productive. I biked 6 miles, got a crafty UFO almost finished, made dinner, cleaned the living room enough to sew in and went grocery shopping. Yay!

And my sink is clean. :)


  1. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Ooo! Now you've got me inspired Stephanie! I have to work really hard to be the perfect, guest ready 1950s housewife that I want to be so I will check out the site. Hopefully it'll help me too! And congrats on such a productive day, it always feel great when you get that much done. :D

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  2. That site is pretty neat! Perhaps it will help me a bit in my apartment.... it's a mess!

  3. OMG!! im def going to look this up because i oh so need this cause well i save cleaning until last afer being mommy fiance nursing student n third shift employee at a nursing home. i hope this works i guess it will still take dedication.

  4. I love flylady! I dont follow to the letter but whenever I feel like things are getting out of control I go back to her principles and things are back orderly in no time.

  5. Ha, that's super interesting. I spent about a year as a stay-at-home girlfriend, which was enough to convince both of us that I'm no housewife. But manageable chunks and a plan might have been a good place to start. I still hate damn cleaning though! ; )