Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fall color palette and wardrobe inspiration

Since I'm planning on the Renaissance dress taking up the rest of summer, I've decided to go ahead and start focusing on fall sewing for post-ren fest projects. (BTW I got the corset done today. Just have to wait for the busk to arrive!) Plus I'm starting grad school in the fall so I'll be busy! I do love sewing though and I really want to make time for it even if I'm working at a snail's pace.

So here is my fall color palette:

I'm planning on a 1930s inspired fall color palette featuring blue and mustard yellow with accents of ivory, grey, brown and maroon. Really I'm just getting inspired by this, this and this (some of which I may do more than just be inspired by because I really have to have the ensemble(s).)

And here are some other things that get me inspired for fall.

I legit want a cape for this fall/winter!

And a fab 30s style coat!

Yummmy! Faux fur will be involved.

I just love the design lines! And the hats!

Yellow and brown & blue and ivory!

I love the bottom two blue dresses, especially the one with maroon accents!

Alas, grad school = 5 days a week in the lab = pants & closed toed shoes, so don't expect too many fab dresses. I am planning on turning the shorts from Wearing History's Sailor Playsuit into pants. I'm also probably going to do mostly tops again. (I haven't forgotten about my 1940s style Pendrell top either!) And I'm getting some awesome saddle shoes for a bit of retro on my feet!


  1. Beautiful images, really inspiring! Everything looked so sleek and sublime in the 1930's.. Sigh.xx

  2. Yippppeeee! I love the inspiration and the colour palette is so rich and wonderful! YAY!