Thursday, August 25, 2011

Circle skirt inspiration

I'm joining in Casey of Elegant Musings for a circle skirt sew along. I love the pattern that she already has a tutorial for but she's going to show us how to draft our own pattern this go around. My first two circle skirts were simple fabric showcase pieces so I really want to take this chance to have fun and try new things. I'm definitely planning on pockets and I may have a go at a boned, shaped waist band too. (Since I have yards of boning left over from my corset!)

I'm sure Casey will have oodles of great inspirational photos, but I can't resist sharing some of my own!While circle skirts are fun to dance in.... the 1950s, they were often far classier than the ubiquitous poodle shirts you see at 50s parties.

You can go kitsch if you want. What's cuter if than trains?

Use a boarder print, add a ruffle or an overlay.

This pocket is amazing! Make your own purse pattern or up-cycle a damaged vintage one.

If you're artsy and ambitious, paint a design on your fabric.

Or go for embroidery or appliques.

This tutorial is a great way to feature a fun fabric.

And consider a petticoat (or two or three) for a super voluminous look.

Are you joining in? Do also check out the amazing 50s diy ideas from Casey's original circle skirt tutorial.


  1. oh, I must join too! I've been on the hunt for more circle skirts in thrift stores but they are hard to find around here :(

  2. I want to do it too but the fabric place is so far away and I have a love/hate relationship with sewing. ugh.

  3. I've decided I need a fun wool circle skirt for fall/winter. With petticoats! I hope I will have opportunity to find a fabric in time to follow the sewalong...

  4. I plan to join in as well! I'm thinking of doing some embroidery..I'm plotting out my design now :)