Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Decade for Cold Weather

Oy, I feel like SSS posts have taken over my blog! I think if I do this again, I'll do much fewer posts, but September will soon be over anyways. As an antidote to SSS overload, here is some good old fashioned inspiration for you.

I'm planning on making one cold weather dress/skirt top combo for my fall and (more likely) winter sewing. I've been spying loads of lovely 1930s fashion lately, plus the 30s have the added warmth value of having longer skirts than the 40s or 50s. So enjoy some 1930s cold weather fashion!

I love all of the details on the tops!

These dresses come with a jacket which is a great way to extend the wearability of a garment through the change of season.

I adore the jacket on the right most dress! So chic!

Doesn't the middle dress have really interesting skirt seams?

I'd love a little fur bolero but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

I'd love to know if that blue dress is one piece or a summer dress made winter proof by layering.

Are you planning any skirts or dresses for cold weather sewing? Or are you pants all the way during the winter months?


  1. Thanks for more inspiration, what a doll.

    I wear lots of layers in the winter, which means skirts, slips, tights and boots, with cami's, shirts, sweater's, jackets and coats...oh yeah scarfs and mittens....oh my:(

    Thanks for reminding me - lol

  2. I love the 30s for cool-weather wear! Alas, the styles rarely suit me (boo!), but I still love picking out details I can replicate. ;)

    Your comment about September being almost over snapped me back to reality this morning! lol. Where has the month gone??? I'm pretty much a skirts year-round type gal; even in the dead of winter when I lived in VA and it snowed I'd just layer the tights, wool socks and boots. Pants are something I'm just never 100% comfortable in, although I do need to make some 40s denim pants for myself if I plan on having *any* winter appropriate pants this year (besides the Navy issue wool pants I have; but I need to tailor those! I've just made them work the past five years, and I'm tired of always having to pin things to get the right fit! lol.)... Been a bad seamstress and I need to get to that sewing list! ;)

  3. Great inspiration!

    I am planning a few skirts for cold weather sewing and maybe a dress or two. However, I did just finish a pair of 1930's inspired wide-leg pants. They are so comfortable! It's like wearing pajama pants!