Monday, November 21, 2011

Make a Statement

Lately, I've been day dreaming of statement pieces. Perhaps it's because I just made a little black dress and now I need something to wear with it! Here are some things that tickled my fancy on etsy.

Turquoise and Cinnabar!

I've been really drawn to the cinnabar beads made from a carved resin. I'm thinking of buying some and getting into some jewelry making.

Greenish-blue beads!

Red beads!

Green beads!

Do you have a favorite statement piece? Or are you more of a quiet jewelry type girl? What would you pair with a little black dress?


  1. Ha- pretty much all of my jewelry is statement pieces! I just love funky beaded things.

    As for a little black dress, it depends on the occasion. If I was dressing it down, I'd go for something chunky and colorful. And if I was dressing it up, I'd be likely to go for something metallic. Preferably with some kind of crystals or rhinestones or something else sparkly.

  2. You have me drooling with all this lovely handmade jewellery goodness! I go between discreet and statement jewellery. My favourite earrings are a pair of small handmade pearl drops. My favourite necklace is a triple strand, multi bead rose necklace handmade by Quixotic Pixels. Lovely!