Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you! (I'm a day late, I know. You'll get over it.) I had planned on actually posting yesterday, but that didn't happen. I finished my Cadence sweater last week and I also sewed up a new blouse, so expect some FO posts in the future, but today is all about the awesome present my husband bought me.


I've been going on and on about this musical for a long time. My husband was not a musical fan (Les Miserables converted him though! :D ) and he was definitely not up for the $400 price tag. Guess he changed his mind though because he bought us tickets to go see it! Yay! It's not until June, which means I have gobs of time to make a fabulous dress to wear. So I've been perusing the net for pictures of costumes trying to decide if there's something I could try and replicate.

I adore Glinda's bubble gown but it's probably a bit much.

I really like the little white suit Galinda wears to school. 

This version feels a bit 30s/40s to me. Not sure if it is special enough though.

Glinda also has the fabulous pink Popular dress. Super girly.

 And I adore the handkerchief skirt on the visiting the Emerald City dress.

Ah! This is going to be so awesome!


  1. I saw this in November (boys who like musicals are awesome!) and it was fantastic! Have fun!