Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fashion and Film: The Pirate

 I adore Judy Garland and Gene Kelly (though the mustache does throw me a bit in this film).  Manuela (Garland) is newly engaged to the mayor of a small Caribbean town but dreams of travel and adventure with the dread pirate Macoco. A traveling performer (Kelly) runs into her and falls in love. When he learns that Manuela's fiance is actually Macoco, he decides to pretend to be the pirate to win her love. The mayor must play along to keep his secret. Will Manuela choose the theatrical "Macoco" or the reformed mayor Macoco?

I'm not sure what period they were going for but I just adore the hats!

The wedding dress. Again with the poofy sleeves.

She does have some rather elaborate up dos but some of the less formal dos are very 40s. I love this coral color!

Another sort of crazy hair do. I love the veil though.

This dress is probably my favorite! Lace peaking out the bottom! Red yumminess! A giant hat! And a long stocking shaped snood!


  1. The period looks early victorian to me and that period did have elaborate and sometimes outrageous hair styles.

    Anyway, I do love that last dress.

  2. OH how i love this movie! the kelly is my favorite, i could watch him in anything, with any kind of facial hair he chooses. love them together in summerstock too.

    it's interesting to look at this costume wise, now that i'm sewing. that coral is gorgeous.

  3. How fun! This is definitely late 1820s/early 1820s. It seems like a wonderfully fun era to costume, at least for movies like this - there's so much extravagance and color, and the shorter skirts keep it all playful. That coral one is one of my favorites. Another movie in this style is The Inspector General, with Danny Kaye. Highly recommended!

  4. I love the updos and hats, I think I need to watch this film :D