Friday, March 2, 2012

Color Inspired

 I haven't been shopping at the mall in a while and I left feeling so color inspired! When I first spied the 2012 Pantone color Tangerine Tango, I wasn't too impressed. It was way too gaudy and orange. I think it just took a few months for them to figure it out because I saw gobs of it out today and I LOVE IT!

I handled all of the materialistic stimuli very well I think. I walked away with one belt (which was the aim of the shopping trip, two pairs of earrings and one scarf in Tangerine Tango.

Here are some of the other colors that are inspiring me right now! I borrowed some from the other "on trend" colors this season but added a few of my own. I love the juxtaposition of the Tangerine Tango and aquamarine blue with the mint green and coral. Wouldn't wear them all together but mixing and matching would be so fun! Unfortunately, almost none of these colors live in my fabric stash. *sigh*

What colors are inspiring you? Does Tangerine Tango have your approval or are you going to pass/


  1. I love love love your colour board! I want in in my wardrobe NOW!

  2. It's so summery and fun! I actually have a thrifted cardigan that's pretty close to that color, as well as a thrifted blouse with that orange-coral-offwhite juxtaposition that goes with it pretty much perfectly. So I think I'll be wearing that one a bit as it warms up!