Friday, March 16, 2012

Inspiration: 1940s Hair

Lately, I've been reinspired by 1940s hair! I've even been setting my hair more than one day in a row (which never happens). I really love having curly hair and have even worn it a couple times with modern clothes. So come get inspired with me!

I adore this look! So simple and cute! Plus there's no need for perfect curls.

There was definitely some hold over from the 30s because waves still made an appearance. Don't think I'll be doing this style any time soon but *swoon*.

I'm still trying to grow out my hair so I see lots of snoods in my future. I love this fabric one!

Another wave hair style!

I really want to learn how to do this type of rolled hair do. I've seen some tutorials and think that with my kind of hair I'll need some hair rats.

Oh, hats! So yummy!

This lovely hairstyle is rolled up instead of under like a pageboy. 

This one has victory rolls and I imagine the back to be clipped in a pretty barrette.

What kind of 40s hairstyles do you love?


  1. this is really great! thanks so much for posting. I was suprised to read the first paragraph of the post because i love love love 40s hair and have recently been on a big kick about it where i've been setting my hair every night! ( which, ironicaly, doesnt happen much) I tend to do the first style the most, holding it back with simple barettes on the side after dong a bunch of rag curls on the sides about mid-ear down. Thanks for the insperation!!!

  2. I love that last one! Makes me want to work more on my own Victory Roll attempts. Ahh, the glamour of the 40's! I've had a love affair with it for years!!!!

  3. I tend to set my hair at weekends...I'll have pageboy on a saturday, wave on a sunday and victory rolls on a my hair gets strighter and strighter.
    I think I need to get shares in hairspray and bobby pins. lol