Monday, March 26, 2012

Laptop update

My poor laptop did indeed die this weekend. It won't turn on at all. :( I did manage to save most of my important documents and such as my computer was nice enough to give me some warning that the end was near. One bit that did get missed was all of my Downton Abbey pictures that I'd collected for Dressing Downton inspiration posts. :( Hopefully one of my technologically minded friends can retrieve it for me!

It looks like I'll be getting a Mac though! :) Please bear with me as I wait for my new laptop to arrive and handle the pc to mac switch.

Hope you are having a happy Monday and I'll leave you with some 1950s beach wear photos. 42 days till Disney World!


  1. Aww! i hate it when that happens! but the good thing is that you're getting a new laptop!! i just love these pictures... thanks

  2. Good luck with the switch! 4 months from today and I'll be in Magic Kingdom!!

  3. You’re lucky you were attentive enough to notice the warnings your computers were showing. Retrieving important data is really the most crucial concern when a computer crashed. But this is not a bad incident at all. You’re having a Mac. Great! I’m sure you won’t find it hard adjusting with its operating system. ;)

    Darryl Housand

  4. Well, good thing you had a back up of all your important files. You could have lost all of it. I’m happy that your friend was able to retrieve your Downtown Abbey pictures. I know how depressing it is to lose those memories, so congratulations. The Mac is a good choice, by the way. It has a user-friendly interface, and it’s very enjoyable to use.

    Benita Bolland

  5. Oh my! What a tragedy! But hey, at least you got to save a lot of stuff before your laptop died. Most people forget to back up their files until it’s too late. Anyway, switching to a Mac may be a bit tricky so give it a few days of practice. You should do a little research about it so that it wouldn’t be so hard for you to navigate.
    Max Nilsen