Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bang Inspiration: Bernie Dexter

It's bang time at The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart again! Previously, I've had Bettie Bangs that were fairly straight across like this:

1950s Wedding Style

Bettie Page herself had more of a U-shaped fringe.

They were fairly long, deep and curved under.

This time, I'm going for a little bit different shape inspired by the lovely Bernie Dexter.

She's a model, pin up and even has her own clothing line!

She has rocked a more straight across/gentle U-shape...

But I love the stronger U shape! She also goes quite short with her bangs sometimes. And (though I can't confirm this with photos) she looks to have a pretty high hairline like me.

Isn't she just darling!

I particularly like when her bangs are aimed more forward and less around to the side in a half circle.

I've already cut my bangs but they're not quite there yet. I like to wear them for a few days and then fine tune them. Plus bangs always need some training to get them to go the right way. Hopefully, I can pull these bangs off as well as she can.

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  1. wow she's so cute! I just got bangs for the first time since i was a lot younger but they're not as short as that. they feel wierd but i love them.