Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspiration: 1940s Hats

I adore hats but most of mine are 1950s and I've decided that I need more 40s lovelies in my life.

Tilt hats! I think this style would be great for me as they'd cover my large forehead.

Eep! Matching plaid hat and gloves = awesome.

Stylish and patriotic "Freedom Fashions"

Hat hair leaves a nice flat area to house your hat.

Flowers and turbans and netting, oh my!

What's your favorite era for hats?


  1. These are all so lovely. Makes me want to wear my hats more.

  2. oh so gorgeous! 40's is my favorite era for hats for sure...although the 30's had some amazing styles too. Did you see this?;pview=hide;id=HumanEcol.MBPowellTrim

  3. I love the 40's bonnet hat. I really could live that style. :)

  4. Same here, i have mostly 50s hats though i like the 40s more i think. 50s hats are not as large and... intersting as 40s hats but i really love 30s and 40s hats so much!

  5. your site is too cute and there is NOTHING wrong with your forehead! ;)

  6. i like tilt hats the belt. I feel like they flatter all faces and add a little attitude to every look.

  7. I am pretty much a 40s girl when it comes to hats! Though I only own a couple that are truly from the 40s--most of my hats are from the 50s because they're easier to find. :/ I adore those little perch/tilt topper hats--so darling! I recently found a vintage shop in my town that has a boatload of vintage hats for sale--I need to go treat myself to a look-see and perhaps find a 40s piece to add to my summer wardrobe one of these days. ;)