Friday, April 20, 2012

Two more weeks!

 What I need to be thinking about:


What I can't stop thinking about:

Disney World!

Bettie Bangs!

What I will get around to having time to think about after vacation:

Stash Busting

Dressing Downton

Two more weeks!


  1. I've had Bette Bangs before, couldn't do much with my hair because it was also sort of flapper style. If I ever, and I mean ever, grow my hair long, I might contemplate getting the Bettie Bang again!

  2. The Betty Bangs are awesome and I think you could pull them off but just like sean (the commenter above), it's a very particular style. If you're committed to having this style and only this style, then I totally think you should do it. It's very chic.

    P.S. Good luck on your exams :)