Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Dance Rehearsal Ensembles

I love old movies about show biz, especially musicals. Whenever there are dancing numbers in the "show", there's usually at least one rehearsal scene. And I just adore them!

Dancers wear short shorts for ease of movement and so the choreographer can see mistakes.

Short skirts were worn too! Of course, they had an underlayer to cover their underwear. When I did dance as a kid we called them lollies.

It doesn't hurt that they are usually wearing awesome shoes too! I also love the suspenders on the girl on the left.

I think they have a lot in common with playsuits except no long skirt.

Isn't the one with the flowers just to die for! And get a load of the teal shoes on the girl next to her.

These gals look sharp in matching ensembles!


  1. At the moment I wear a vest top and short skirt, with ankle socks for clog stepping practice...but I rather fancy trying a vintage inspired combo as those outfits would be equally practical.
    Have you seen the rehersal scene in "you'll never get rich"?
    Pleated shots and short sleeved blouse.

  2. These are fabulous. I have a weakness for musicals too, although I never did dancing... well not that sort of dancing, only Irish dancing.

  3. oh how cute! i can't get enoughof these! i just adore old musicals (especially Judy Garland but Rita Hayworth dance numbers are not bad at all!)

  4. These are so great, I love seeing 'chorus line' kinds of images. Some of those outfits are just fantastic!