Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fashion and Film: Les Girls

Today's Fashion and Film post is Les Girls (1957), a fabulous Gene Kelly musical set in Paris. Barry (Kelly) is an American performer in France with his three leading ladies-Joy (Mitzi Gaynor), Sybil (Kay Kendall) and Angele (Taina Elg). Years later, Sybil writes a tell all novel that portrays Angele in a bad light. A lawsuit ensues but who's version is correct? Sybil's? Angele's? Or perhaps a third version entirely? Told in flash backs during the trial, this film is full of singing and dancing and yummy costumes.

Evening gowns straight from Paris!

A period number. Love the hair!

A yummy black and white number!

Rehearsing a steamy number.

The casual wear and lounge wear in this film are great too!

I adore the opulent numbers in 50s musicals.

A skimpy (and pretty ridiculous) audition ensemble but don't miss the other two ladies in the back.


  1. see, I like THESE vintage dresses : )

  2. I love Kay Kendall in Genevieve - I really need to see Les Girls.

  3. by any chance is one of them a cigarette girl at some point? there's a line i remember from a movie i saw in years ago about a trio of gals where one's a cigarette girl (who say's "i'm the naughty cigarette girl, every one wants my .... cigarettes!") and after they gets tipsy she cries and says "i'm the naughty girl, nobody wants my cigarettes!" i've been trying to figure out what movie it was for ages!!

    1. That sounds really familiar. I think it is from this movie but I'm not 100% sure.