Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Berets

Berets are a very classic and stylish hat. Plus you can get them today!

The 30s saw many tight to the head hats including the beret!

Oh, yummy!

The 40s saw the beret move to sitting on the top of the heat at a jaunty angle.

So chic!

Berets can be decorated with a pin or feather.

While black is a classic beret color don't neglect other colors or even patterned berets! Also knit and crocheted berets were popular.


  1. Even though my warm weather gear is stored away (yay!) my knitted beret is my go-to item during the winter. Love it and love all of the classic berets shown here

  2. I love berets! I can't get enough of them. I'm partial to the jaunty beret myself. I keep meaning to get one or two solid-colored felt ones, but I can't seem to escape knitting ones instead. lol

  3. Aaaach berets! Especially knitted/crocheted ones! Mi madre was sorting through our family's foul-weather gear before storing it this weekend and gave me a couple nice stranded-knit ones that my grandmother made, and I'm almost wishing it were winter again already so I could wear them (almost. ALMOST...not quite).

  4. I look TERRIBLE in berets. I've tried, I really have. With my hair as short as it is, I just end up looking bald. It's sad.