Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1950s Rhinestone Bling

Oh, it's so much fun to prance around the house in a mostly finished evening gown. It's got me in the mood for some serious bling. Be forewarned. These lovelies are all available on esty and range from you might as well get diamonds to just plain old expensive.

This one is super sparkly and I adore the unique clasp.

I adore the pear shaped stones. It's my favorite cut after oval.

For when you just have to be over the top.

This one has a lovely dangling piece.

This complete set is just lovely with all of the marquis stones.

A stunning bib style necklace.

These lovely emerald cut stones are fit for a princess.

Alas, very few pieces of my high school rhinestone bling have survived in my collection. I do have a pair of earrings that may work but I'll be haunting the local thrift and vintage stores for some more affordable pieces!


  1. Jaw-dropping jewels indeed! I'm especially taken with the second necklace and the blend of shapes it marries so beautifully.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Beautiful stuff! I'm a newish reader to your blog so hi. I have a necklace similar to 4 & 6 and a bracelet that goes along with it as well. when I looked at the prices of some of this stuff...woah! My grandfather use to collect old jewelry for his girlfriend and he gave some of it to me while he was alive and I inhearted the rest of it. I guess I really have some treasure pieces then! I've always loved vintage jewelry, thanks for sharing some great finds.