Friday, August 17, 2012

Early 40s Inspiration

Lately, I've been very inspired by early 1940s fashions. It really makes me wonder what would have happened to fashion if World War II hadn't broken out.

I love early 40s hats! In my opinion, the late 30s and early 40s had the best hats.

I love the one on the left with contrasting gores.

Oh, that pink dress!

Look at all of the fun pocket shapes!

Oh, what fun details on the tops of these dresses!

I love the center dress with the asymmetrical closure and one button.

I love the way 40s dresses drape over the body.

Eep! What a hat!

What part of 40s fashion do you love best? Prewar? War time? Or postwar?


  1. oh tough question. I think I like war time fashion a bit better. They are so simple, so pretty, so easy to fit. I agree that hats are very fun in the 40's.

  2. I love everything from the 1940s up to New Look, which I also love, but which really isn't 40s fashion to me. I am warming to the pre-war looks, but I still prefer the 1940s to the 1930s (well, technically 1939 isn't pre-war but the rest of the 1930s then)

  3. I do love the 1940s the best of all the decades of fashions. It just has the perfect mixture of practicality and glamour that I just adore. My favorite era for hats is the 1940s, too! Love the bonnet hats.

  4. Great vintage loving minds think alike! :) I've had that same thought regarding what would have happened to fashion if WW2 hadn't broken out. It's impossible to say for sure, but is certainly interesting to ponder!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I LOVE the immediately prewar (for U.S.) fashions - 1938 to mid-1941. They're so interesting and pretty and varied and feminine, and I love how they look on me. ;)

  6. I like the early 40's best, New Look second.

    I think New Look would have come sooner. Fashion was pointing in a more feminine direction, but the war put a temporary halt to it. :)

  7. I think all of the 40's styles suit me, but the cheapskate...I mean thrifty me likes the wartime fashions for their effective use of the yardage and lack of too much 'fuss'. I cringe every time I have to use more than 3 metres of fabric.

  8. Pre-war, I think. The time during the war was tough as it was, plus the rations and the worry... I think it would be extremely difficult. (Even though I would like to be a land girl for a day!) I love the popularity of large bows on the blouses in the later 30's, as well as the start of swing/big band music. It seems like polka dots were kinda popular, too. The hats started to get more unique. I do like the fact that after the war women got more comfortable with wearing slacks and shorts! Overall, I love all of the 1940's, but I would say pre-war.


  9. I love the image with the pink dress, in the middle of your post. Can you tell me where you found it, as I would like to read the entire article.

    Sarah Grace

    1. Sarah Grace, The page I got it from just had the one page. :( Sorry.

  10. I have a book charting fashion through the forties, I can not find it at the moment but if you are interested I will search for it. the books says that the run shows just before the break out of the war saw a return of the bussle. but war rationing changed fashion. How interesting would it be to see a different evolution of fashion if the bussle had made a comeback.