Thursday, August 23, 2012

That time of year again

It's that time of the year again when school starts and a whole new crop of freshmen arrives on campus. I'm sad to say that most of them are already roaming the campus in sweats and workout gear.

Look at these cute posing gal pals.

What a cute lounging robe for all nighters!

The 50s college girl went for a circle skirt and a sharp blouse.

School spirit

They even looked cute on move in day.

Happy new school year!


  1. I'm a freshman in college, and today I wore a somewhat full knee length skirt, with a blouse tucked in and belted it:) I'm pretty sure everyone else wears work out shorts and t-shirts...and it's not even like it's much more effort to look nice:)

  2. When did sweats and workout / yoga gear become 'standard' fashion?! They look like they just fell out of bed! Lauren (above) is absolutely right - it takes a just a little effort to look nice and put together!

  3. Oh heavens, I ventured onto campus (my department thankfully has an office downtown) and it would have been better if it were yoga pants. 90s jean short-shorts with see-through thin knits tucked in. At least with yoga pants and running shorts, they are covered.

  4. It looks MUCH funner to wear the 1940s and 1950s college fashions! Lauren, I'm glad you dress respectable, thank you! I'd be wearing knee length skirts, too. Why can't people buy clothes a little longer and a little looser fitting?


  5. Oh how I want all of the outfits the 50s gals on the stairs are wearing! It troubles me that so many people have adopted workout gear and/or pjs as standard garb when at school and out and about in public in general, though I suspect it's a trend that isn't going to reverse anytime soon. Oh well, so long as us vintage gals keep looking put together and lovely wherever we go, it's ok :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I just moved in for my freshman year today, and even though I wish I had been wearing something cute, I wound up going for a skirt and the t-shirt my dorm handed out. The pictures are absolutely darling though!