Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

With fall hanging in the air, I've begun pondering my fall wardrobe. Summer is gone and it's about time for a wardrobe rotation. And while I have got loads of cute dresses and circle skirts that are fall appropriate, I'm seriously lacking in work appropriate wear. Ack! I work in a lab so I have loads of limitations on what I can wear (and what I want to wear).

I've been living in two polar opposite fashion worlds lately-vintage fabulousness and frumptastick. (I'm actually sitting here typing in jean shorts and a tank top. *gasp*) And I really want to move most of my life into some nice middle ground. Don't worry. There will still be cute vintage outfits, but I also need some cute things to wear every day.

I've chosen Mary Margaret from Once Upon a Time as my fashion inspiration. Shes' got a cute, vintage, romantic wardrobe. She also has loads of cute outerwear and fall type fashions as the show takes place in Maine (although I don't think anyone in the cast looks warm enough to survive a Maine winter).

 I'll be focusing on romantic blouses.

Cute cardigans are a must. I'm going to try and knit a few this fall/winter for layering pieces.

Peter Pan collars (and really any type of collar) are so retro looking and I want to add some to my wardrobe.


I'll be focusing on berets and scarves for accessories. I do have a nice stash of berets and scarves that need to start making regular appearances in my wardrobe.

I'm planning on stash busting and trying out some patterns from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing! I really love the style of the pieces in this book!

Have you started planning your fall wardrobe yet?


  1. Please don't tempt me....I just adore Ginny's hair!!!! I'm trying so hard to be strong, okay maybe not that hard. LOL! Great fall insp, love everything featured.

    I even have Mary Margaret's grey beret. I found one at payless a couple years ago.

  2. Love these sweet, feminine, vintage inspired tops (though I really don't need too many more at the moment, tops are not in short supply in my little closet). I think that cute tops, cardis and comfortable pencil skirts are all key pieces to creating a versatile, lovable day-to-day vintage wardrobe.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Nice selecton of inspiration and such a great look for you. Adorable Sophisticate:) I do have my fall sewing plan but little time to sew of late. I am afraid at this point i should focus on winter:(

  4. Mary Margaret is some great inspiration there! I can see how her style would suit a vintage lover like you. (Me, I'd probably be more Emma, and would gladly steal her leather jacket. It's probably warmer. ;)

    No fall sewing for me this year, as I have to actually start at least muslining my wedding dress before 2013, so I'm doing a little use-what-I-have closet challenge instead.

  5. So cute! I love her style - it's so perfect for you :)

  6. Peter pan collars are so timeless! I recently bought a 50s dress with a wide peter pan collar and it is perfect for work. They are demure yet chic! I also love those cardigans too! I am always on the hunt for the perfect one!