Monday, September 24, 2012

Sewing Patterns and Hair

I tend to find looking for vintage hair inspiration online frustrating. A google search for "1950s hairstyle" will fill your page up with shots of modern rockabilly pinup girls and modern celebrities with 50s inspired dos. What's a girl to do if that's not what she wants to look at? I turn to vintage pattern illustrations!

Most patterns have a drawn model or two and are a great place for hair inspiration!

I'm planning on giving my hair a good chop at the end of October and I've been waffling on a style/length.

I'm leaning towards a 1950s short do that's chin length or shorter.

If I didn't love vintage so much, I'd probably have a pixie cut already. I adore shorter hair and tend to feel frumpy and out of sorts with longer hair.

(And by long, I mean it's touching my shoulders)

So once Renaissance Faire season is over, I'm going to take a style cue from these stylish ladies and go short!

If only I can decide how short!

Where do you like to go for authentic vintage hair inspiration? Have you ever tried a cute short 50s cut? (Or 20s bob?) What's the longest or shortest you've ever had your hair?


  1. You definitely do short hair well! I've had lots of shorter hairstyles but none vintage-inspired, except for a 20s bob which was fun for awhile.

    I always like to get inspiration from sewing pattern covers. Another thing I try is just putting a random year into Google Images (sometimes adding key words with it like hair or clothing or what-have-you), or I look through the Life Magazine Archives. I like pictures of "real" people best!

  2. You're much braver than I am! I'd be scared to death to chop off my locks. The shortest I have ever had my hair is shoulder length when I was about 8 or 9 or so. I had 6 inches cut off in April, which I nearly had a heart attack doing, and it was still midway down my back. My hair grows insanely fast, so it has grown back since then already. I am a bit jealous of how little time it would take to dry short hair. I dry mine every single day, burning through a few hair dryers every year, lol. :]

    1. I hate blow drying hair which is probably why mine looks so crappy when it's long. I've had short pixie cuts a couple of times before so I'm comfortable with the growing out process. It's long hair that scares me lol.

  3. Patterns are a great idea for hair inspiration. :) I've had hair long enough to cut and donate twice. The shortest I ever went was an extreme stacked bob in my ubergoth days, with the back at my occipital and the front past my chin. Now, I have a long version of a middy. I cut it myself, adding a couple of layers, and overextending the top upward and the back and sides forward. That way, I can still look okay if I do almost nothing to my hair.
    I love your blog, by the way.

  4. I sometimes miss having a pixie cut. They're so easy to manage and style! When my hair is long, it never wants to do anything and rarely holds any sort of shape, but short hair does whatever without much fuss. I think the shortest I ever had it was a verrrry hot summer a few years ago and I think the longest part was only 1.5" and was inspired by Jean Seberg. Audrey Hepburn is also a good person to get short hair inspiration from!

  5. I think you'd look utterly darling - and at the same time very sophisticated - with a pixie cut - just think of how splendid that short style looked on Audrey Hepburn! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I am facing the same dilemma. My hair really needs to get cut....but just can't decide on the style. I like the practicality of the short cut but I like being able to do interesting stuff with it when its longer.
    What I want is a bob cut that will grow into a middy cut....

  7. I had my hair long, very long for 7 years, and then decided to go for a cropped, 20s style bob, it was the best decision ever! I absolutely love it and so many people have commented on how great it looks.

    It might also seem a bit silly, but with shorter hair I have noticed I pay more attention to the accessories I wear, as they are not "hidden" by my hair. Oh, and I do love a flower in my hair as well- brightens up the day.

    I can't wait to see you with your new hairdo!

  8. The shortest I ever had was my middy in April of last year. I really loved it because it looked choppy and modern when unstyled and so vintage when pincurled. I'm getting it chopped super short again next week can't wait!!

  9. I have naturally wavy hair, so no, I don't think I could do short hair. I really wish I could though.