Monday, October 29, 2012

1940s Does Fall

Fall is here and it's time to pack away those summery dresses until next summer. So let's see how the 40s did fall fashion!

Hats are not just pretty. They keep your head warm. Try wool hats for more warmth.

Pull out those long coats and closed toed shoes.

Gloves are great for winter! Stylish and the keep your hands warm.

Suits are a great option for fall. They look chic as a set and just as smart when broken up and paired with other things.

Cardigans and sweaters are a must! Look for solid colors with a higher neckline for an instant vintage look. Fair Isle sweaters were also popular.

Have that tried and true summery dress pattern? Make it up with long sleeves and in a more fall appropriate fabric and you can have that favorite dress for the two colder seasons of the year.

Tights are a great fun accessory. Go with a fun print or bright color for a whimsical look. Try solids like black, white and navy for a more classic look.

What fourties fashions do you love for fall?


  1. I've totally got my autumn/winter/spring outfits planned (well in the UK you do only get 2 weeks of!)
    Got winter coat x2 one with fur collar one without. Gloves & hats (x3 20s cloche, 40's tilt and generic beret). Wool blend tartan pencil skirt. Wool blend 6 gore skirt. Various blouses long/three quarter length sleeves. Several jumpers/cardigans. 10 pairs of woolly/opaque tights. Winter shoes 1 flat/1 heeled. Several vests/petticoats/slips. 3x knitted tank tops.
    Just sewing one more blouse.

    1. Wow! You are so prepared! I need more long sleeved shirts (probably because I'd much rather be sewing dresses or skirts!) and tights.

    2. Ah, yes. I'd rather sew skirts than blouses. I have far too many summer dresses I've justified making/buying to use for 'dancing' [lindy hop]. I've been buying some longsleeve stretchy tops to go under the summer dresses to make them do double duty.
      I do like the 40's make do and mend attitude. Looking at summer wardobe and finding ways to winter-fy it.
      If only I could sew size does not fit all.

  2. Love all of these stylish, cozy, terrific 1940s fall fashions. Some of my favourite seasonal pieces from that era include princess and reefer coats, chunky knit cardigans, cropped ski/nordic sweaters, tweed suits and separates, and high waisted jeans and trousers in sturdy, heavier weight fabrics.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. LOVE the glove, purse, and hat combos in matching colours :)

  4. Ah, love Bacall's 40s style. Yep, the 1940s are just my faves!