Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fashion and Film: Mrs. Miniver

This year's Sweetest Day Dinner and a Movie flick was Mrs. Miniver (1942). This story follows Mrs. Miniver and her family from their carefree middle class life to part of a nation struggling through WWII.  This film is set in Britain and reminded me so much of Downton Abbey!

Mr and Mrs Miniver

In the beginning of the film, Mrs. Miniver splurges on the most fabulous hat! It's a darling tilt hat (possibly fur) with a bird perched on top and a scarf on the side. She's a girl after my own heart! Mrs. Miniver frets through dinner trying to decide how to tell her husband about the new hat. Mr. Miniver is also fretting because he just bought a new car.

This movie is chock full of early 40s fashions!

There's also a crotchety old noble woman who could give cousin Violet from Downton Abbey a run for her money. Somehow, I think the writers of Downton Abbey watched this movie since the flower show scenes are so the same!

The only bummer of this film is that since it came out before the war was over, it didn't have that happy we won! ending so it was not exactly my first choice for a date night, but it was a really fab film.


  1. sounds interesting...I wonder if its on DVD.
    I've just made myself a tilt hat. ;)

  2. I did like that shopping outfit. And Kate's(? never caught her name) hat when they came back from their honeymoon. The deliberation over the hat at the start of the movie was so funny!

  3. This film sounds right up my alley, thank you for sharing it with us. The early 40s hairstyles and hats (especially the marvelous wide brimmed one in the last image) alone would be more than enough to convince me to watch it. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. One of the saddest and best movies ever. Oh goodness I also agree with the fashion in that too.