Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Inspiration: Orange and Black Dresses

Still need a dress for a Halloween event but not feeling up for a costume? Why not try an orange and black Halloween themed dress! The 20s did a great job with orange and black Halloween dresses!

Try bats and pumpkin appliques.

I love the kitty dress with the ruffles on the skirt!

How about owls for a spooky look?

Apply this idea to any period or stop by a local fabric store for some novelty print Halloween quilting fabric. Shirt waist dresses are especially nice for novelty prints!


  1. Omg those dresses look like so much fun to wear!! xox

  2. How delightfully fun! I especially love the owl print in the last image. I'm already bouncing off the walls (so to speak!) with excitement over Halloween. Just two more weeks to go!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Those are lovely. We don't dress up for Halloween here in Sweden (though there has been attempts from the retailign sector to inplant the custom in Sweden) and I think it's apity - I would love to dress up outside the medieval group I'm a member of; to do somethign not histoically accurate and jsut for fun.