Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: Cocktails

An important part of a cocktail party is the cocktail! If you're planning your own cocktail party, here are some ideas.

1950s Cocktails:

Rob Roy
1 part sweet Vermouth
2 parts Scotch
Angostura bitters
stir with cracked ice, strain, serve with twist of lemon peal

Gin 'n Tonic
Juice and rind of 1/4 lime
1 1/2 oz dry Gin
Quinine water (tonic)
put lime, gin, ice cubes in 8 oz glass; fill with tonic

Champagne Cocktail
1 lump sugar
Angostura bitters
Chilled Champagne
saturate lump of sugar with dash of bitters, add ice cubes, fill with champagne, top with twist of lemon peel

Mint Julep
10-12 fresh mint leaves
1 teaspoonful sugar
muddle mint leaves and sugar in tall glass. Fill glass with cracked ice. Add 1 jigger Old Crow(burbon). Stir until glass frosts.

Sometimes it's nice to take advantage of living in the 21st Century too! Here are some of my favorite liquors to try.

Hpnotiq-tasty on its own or with champagne or white wine

Midori-also good solo or with champagne. This is a great options for all sorts of fun green Christmas drinks. Add some grenadine to any clear or light colored cocktail for the red.

Throwing an alcohol free party or having underaged guests? Here's some beverage options for you!

Floats are a fun 50s option. Try the traditional root beer or jazz it up with 7up like in this ad!

Sparkling grape juice is a great way non-alcoholic party beverage. Bubbly drinks are so cocktail party! Jazz it up by adding fresh fruits, lemon zests, and flavors such as grenadine. Serve in a pretty glass for that finishing touch.

My personal favorite party punch is made from 7up, red Hawaiian punch, and rainbow sherbet. This also goes over well in cute glasses.

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  1. What thoroughly delicious looking libations. I'm not able to drink any alcohol at all due to medical reasons, but I don't mind really, as there are still so many fantastic party drinks out there such as the floats and punches you mentioned. Yum-yum!!!

    ♥ Jessica