Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: An Elegant Evening

Occasionally life gives us an occasion to really go the whole nine yards! Whether it's a New Year's Eve party, a cruise or a black tie wedding, a vintage gown will make you the star!

Floor length or almost floor length is a must! Choose a striking color combo. Available here.

Striking draping adds a wow factor. Available here.

Consider a striking low back for a sexy movie star look. Available here

Vogue had many fabulous evening gown patterns like this one with a structural collar. Available here.

I love the draping on the back of this dress. Available here

This wiggle dress has a great neckline to show off your bling. Available here.

While fabulous vintage evening gown patterns can easily set you back as much as a vintage evening dress, Vogue has reprinted several evening gown patterns.

  • Hats-leave them at home for this evening
  • Jewelry-bring on the bling! Pick a sparkly necklace that matches the neckline of your gown.
  • Shoes-Metallics are a great option. Or choose a pair that matches one of the colors in your gown.
  • Hair- An elegant updo like a French twist will let your gown shine. Consider a trip to the salon (with a picture) or have a friend over to help.
  • Elbow length gloves are a nice touch and show off a bracelet nicely. Consider a (faux) fur wrap or coat for winter events.
My 50s evening gown. (1)


  1. Oh how these endlessly elegant evening dresses have me swooning up a storm. I rarely encounter events that call for anything even remotely this formal, yet do keep one evening dress on hand in just in case, and would love to have an occasion to wear it again (it's been years since the last).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I am really enjoying reading your well written articles.