Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: Party Planning Part 1

I suspect many of you are in the same boat as me and have few (or no) vintage wearing friends near by.  But you probably have loads of lurking admirers who just need a bit of encouragement to get them to join in your vintage fun. Here are some things to do to help get your own 1950s cocktail party!

Give your guests some dress code guidelines. Many 50s cuts are still classic today! You can also suggest some films your guests can watch for inspiration.

  • pencil skirts-go for knee length or longer. Solids and tweeds are great!
  • full skirts-the bigger the better
  • shirtwaist dresses-always classy
  • pearls
  • pumps

You may want to open your closet up to guests for a bit of dress up. You don't want to let people try on your delicate 1920s beaded evening gown but crinolines and hats are nice options and fit many sizes.

If your friends are really gunghoe about the party, you can make it a two part event. Plan a thrifting day before hand to find some thrift store pieces that can work for the party. With you to guide their way, your pals are sure to find some winning pieces for the party.

Be supportive of your friends efforts and I'm sure you'll have interest people coming out of the woodwork. Most people are just timid and need a safe place to start dressing vintage.

More posts on this topic are coming!


  1. I'm pretty excited that my "next door neighbor" at school has started wearing vintage! She's so cute and has always loved vintage apparently, but never felt "brave" enough to wear it. She's rocking the 50s and 60s now though!

  2. I like to say - not entirely sure if I'm actually correct or not when I say this - that I'm my whole little town's vintage scene, so I can fully relate to not having anyone (or very few people) around who share your love of yesteryear fashion. This post is terrific, and makes me think that more of us should try and encourage our friends/relatives to wear vintage styles - if only for a fun filled evening every now and then.

    ♥ Jessica