Monday, December 31, 2012

To End a Good Year

2012 is almost gone! I hope you all have had a wonderful year. Mine's sure been full! I'm not planning any resolutions per say but I do have some goals for myself in 2013!

Edwardain Sewing

I'm so excited to be able to go to Costume College again in 2013 and I need new things to wear! I've opted to start more Edwardian sewing and hopefully I'll be able to create some lovely dresses to wear! Right now I'm currently in love with 1914-1919 with 1916 being my favorite.

Stash Busting

I wish my stash was this organized!

Having my stash catalogued has helped me really get down to stash busting but there is more to do. I've got quite a few exciting projects planned already using stash fabrics. I'm also wanting to "stash bust" my patterns because I have quite a few that haven't been used! I've created a pinterest board of patterns that are on my to do list for next year. I'll be keeping it up dated and hopefully, I'll get some of those moved over to a finished projects board!

What are you planning for 2013?


  1. 2012 was a such a good year for us that I'm honestly a bit leery to say goodbye to it. There have been so many years that I'd happily lock in a vault and forget about, if such were possible, that it just feels incredible to have had one that (over all) was so fantastic. I'm hoping that it's just the first of many to come though, and ultimately am happy to welcome 2013. Lots of ideas bouncing around in my head for the coming year, but no major plans as of yet (short of getting in as much yard saling, crafting, and blogging as I can!).

    Wishing you a magnificent New Year's and all the best in 2013!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I look forward to more of your posts in 2013! Happy New Year, Jessica-

  3. Happy New Year! For me, stash busting will also be the biggest goal for the new year... :)