Monday, January 21, 2013

Pin Curl Styles

Pin curls are a great way to get 40s and 50s curls but they can also be used in vintage styles!

They look great piled behind waves.

Or just tacked on the end of a wave.

Pile them on top of your head for a great "bang".

Be creative and build your own updo full of pin curls!

They also look great when paired with all sorts of rolls.

Do you use pin curls in your vintage styles or just to get gorgeous curls?

1 comment:

  1. You know, I was just saying to Tony a few nights ago how odd it is these days (since becoming a wig wearer) not to set my hair in pin curls (or some other form of curls) most nights. Doing so had become such a routine part of my life and a lovely link to the past that I really enjoyed. One day when I get a real hair wig though, I suspect I'll pin curl that as well and get to continue on with using this fantastic classic hairstyling technique.

    ♥ Jessica