Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fashion and Film: The Mating Game

I love great old films and this one fit all of my requirements-entertaining, in color, and full of cute clothes! The Mating Game (1959) stars the ever lovely Debbie Reynolds as a farmer's daughter who's in a bit of a pickle with the IRS. The farm does almost not business in cash and it's sent tax collector Lorenzo out to the country to discover what's up. Mariette (Reynolds) falls for Lorenzo and the whole family comes together to try to hook them up.

Poor Lorenzo is in a bit over his head!

I'm not generally a fan of anything country but their simple farm clothes is just what I'd love to wear all summer!

Mariette has a great style that's both practical for farm activities...

...and has some darling more feminine surprises.

I wish I could have found more pictures on the internet to show you but you'll just have to watch it yourself now!


  1. This movie looks like oodles of fun! I just love Debbie Reynolds and vintage country/farm fashions, so I'm sure I'd enjoy this late 50s flick.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks for sharing this movie. I love the term 'got into a pickle' - I need to use it more often.