Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why I Rotate

Wardrobe rotation is not something that a lot of people do, but I've been doing it for quite a few years now and I love it! Rotating a wardrobe means packing up your off season clothes and just leaving out your current season clothes. Right now I have out my winter clothes while spring/summer pieces are packed away. Once the weather starts to turn spring-y, I'll bring them out and once threat of snow is finally gone, the winter pieces will be packed away. Of course, some pieces stay out all year round. There are several benefits to this system.

A large, organized closet may not need rotation, but mine sure does!

1. More closet space!

Unless you are lucky enough to have a closet big enough to hold all of your lovelies (which not even my mother-in-law who turned an entire bedroom into a walk in closet has), then this will keep your closet from looking like it's going to explode all year round. You can store off season clothes in tubs or boxes, in a hard to reach corner of your closet or in a spare closet such as in a guest room or coat closet. I use all three.

This is a baby's closet but it really illustrates great wardrobe rotation skills! Off season clothes packed away in tubs (and labeled even!), current season clothes hanging neatly organized and shoes, accessories, etc in cute green bins.

2. Getting to shop your closet

I love shopping and I'm sure you do too! If all of your off season clothes are packed away, you'll forget some of them and pulling them out later in the year gives you an entire wardrobe of new things without you having to spend any money. Who doesn't like shopping for free?

3. Enjoy the current season better

I don't know about you, but I can get quite sad seeing my summer dresses languishing in my closet all winter. Out of sight is out of mind! This helps me stay focused on the current season. Also, having something exciting to look forward to before a less fun season *coughwintercough* helps me get pumped about the things I do like about that season.

4. Protect your lovelies

Indulge your quilting fabric love by turning them into garment bags!

Vintage and handmade items need extra love and care. Storing your garments properly in the off season will help extend their lives. Make a trip to the dry cleaners at the end of each season to clean garments going into storage and set aside pieces to be mended in the off season. Garment bags will keep them dust free and ready to wear when they come out of storage. This will keep those special pieces in their best shape.

5. Editing your wardrobe

Going through your wardrobe at least twice a year will help you pin point and let go of things you don't wear. If it's time to pack up summer wear and there's that dress that doesn't quite fit right that you haven't worn in all the time it's been out, then it's probably time for it to go.

Do you rotate your closet?


  1. I do rotate my closet for the same reasons. I have one problem with it though. As I am planning my sewing list, I am thinking the season ahead and forget about the pieces that I already own and could end up spending valuable sewing time on things I don't really need instead of focusing on my wardrobe gaps. Do you have any ideas to avoid this? I have started a board on pinterest to keep track of my wardrobe to see if that will help (I didn't start it when spring/summer clothes were out). I am also planning on writing a fall/winter wishlist before the end of winter so that I will know what I am lacking.

    1. I like the idea of a wish list. You may also want to make a do not sew list of things you already have plenty of. I also keep orphans and things that need mending right in the front of the closet so they are easy to find.

  2. I rotate my closet, too. If I didn't, my poor closet would explode! I also don't like seeing my summer dresses and skirts languishing in the closet during the off seasons. :)

  3. This is great advice! I sort of rotate my closet, but I need to do better at it. (I don't quite have enough vintage stuff yet to really cycle anything out. It kind of all gets used often, just in different amounts of layering!)
    I do want to take good care of my clothes though, and this is great, practical stuff! I'll be using it; thanks!

  4. I want to rotate my closet so badly! It's so practical tidy but my climate here is so strange. Missouri does have "Seasons" but it can be in the 70's in the winter and in the 50's in the summer so I'm always afraid to pack things away because I might need them. I do pack my heavy coats and thick sweaters in the summer and I move sheer dresses and obvious summery things to the back of the closet in the winter. I really need to sew some garment bags for some of my more fragile dresses. I visited the archives of a historical society once and they sewed dress covers using vintage sheets. Although the antique gowns were covered, it looked so pretty with all of those sheet prints on a clothing rack!

  5. Yet another good few pieces of advice. I started rotating once I had space to store my off-season clothes (ironic, right?) elsewhere. It really is super.

  6. I rotate my closet and dresser for space and organization reasons but also to protect my winter clothes. Living in the Deep South, we must "summer" (as my mother calls it) anything with wool or it will be riddled with bug holes by the next winter. We dry clean or dryel the wool pieces and them store them either hanging in moth-proof bags or packed away in the same bags in a cedar chest. My mother has made such a ritual out of this that i look forward to the bi-annual rotation and actually did it this past weekend since we've hit the mid 70s here in Alabama.

  7. I have done this to some degree in the past, but have failed in the last year or two, and now my closet is a jumble in need of some focused attention. Thanks for the reminder!