Monday, April 15, 2013

Pinspiration: Hair flowers

I adore hair flowers! Spring has finally arrived and some of the early blooming plants are already flowering. It's put me in quite a mood to bedeck my hair in flowers.

Shelley Winters with several flowers perched in a fluffy do.

Lenore Aubere accents her pretty face with one flower atop her pretty waves.

Adele Mara with a cascade of flowers down one side of her face.

Olivia de Hallivand sports an entire row of flowers.

Not to be out done, Rita Hayworth has flowers draped all over her hair.

Personally, I prefer a simpler look like Anne Shirley wears.

And if you need a bit more hair flower inspiration, just check out this 40s magazine page!


  1. I'm pinning Anne Shirley's look. I might even try that style! So pretty.

  2. Wouldn't it be fun if some brilliant publisher were to buy the archives of old ladies' magazine and re-issue them on a subscription basis? Pick a year and (say 1944) and send out January in Jan, February in Feb, etc. Definitely a niche market, but I think there is a market for it. I know I'd be on the mailing list! (Or several mailing lists!) I also wish I had the Hollywood studio hair and makeup artists available to "glamourize" me, even for just a photo shoot! (And to teach me their tricks!) It would be fun to see the "before" pics of those lovely actresses -- when they arrived at the studio with just-washed hair and clean-scrubbed faces. Yes, and I love the flower-behind-the-ear look, like a Polynesian princess.

    1. Have you seen this series?

      It's reprints of Sears Catalog! They do squeeze a whole decade into one book but there is still loads of nice eye candy.

  3. Hair flowers are a firm favourite of mine, too, be they grown in a garden or plucked from a shop. I don't think I've seen that particular shot of Shelly before. It's really pretty and I just love how she also has a bloom tucked into the bodice of her dress.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oh I love hair flowers. Somehow I never remember them when styling my hair. I love all these photos as inspiration, just lovely!