Friday, June 7, 2013

On my sewing rack

I have a little shelf near my sewing space that has a hook. And that's where I hang my WIP's. So let's look at what's hanging there right now.

Costume College gala dress! It's pretty much done but I'm on the hunt for a great vintage brooch to close the neckline.

Mid-40s tiki dress! I love rayon!

1914 day dress! Just have to figure out the closures and get sewing hooks and eyes and snaps.

1940s overalls! Hope to knock these out this weekend!


  1. What a fun peek at your WIP - love the shade of denim you picked for the overalls (can't wait to see them!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh, my!! All of it looks sensational! I love the fabric choice of the Edwardian day dress.

  3. Love the tiki print dress, looking forward to seeing them when they're all done :)

  4. Love the fabric of the 1914 daydress!

  5. You are a sewing MACHINE! Go you!
    Ooh... Can't wait it hear what you think of the overalls :)

    1. It helps that I'm only working every other day this summer. Loving the overalls so far!

  6. P.s. if there's more of that tiki fabric when we go shopping I may have to get some!