Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinspiration: 1950s Underpinnings

Research is key in finding the proper vintage undergarments! So let's indulge in some 50s underpinnings advertisements!

Crinolines have to be my favorite vintage undergarment! I need some in pretty colors!

Shapewear! Easier than dieting!

I love all of the feminine details! Underwear can be pretty!

Bras and girdles and waist cinchers oh my!

I just adore the tricolored petticoat! :D


  1. Those petticoats are so cute! I need to get on it and make a crinoline, but gathering is like my least favorite thing ever.

    1. There's a lot of gathering involved and wrangling tulle. I too hate gathering and it was a monster project.

    2. I actually brought a bunch of tool a few years ago for this very reason, it's part of the "Projects I will never finish pile" that glares at me from the corner of my sewing room.

  2. My Mother is one of 12 children. Her sisters used to try and be the first one up in order to get the most crinolines!

  3. Shapewear, easier than dieting. I love the way you think!! :)

  4. I love how fancy dancey even the shape wear was with little bows and lace.

  5. So glad to see you commenting on undergarments and shape wear! There are a lot of girls who are wearing vintage dresses but are just not informed on exactly HOW to wear them! Shape wear is so important to achieving that hour glass figure and yes honey I agree with you, it is way easier than dieting! LOL!

  6. Crinolines are probably my favourite kind of vintage undergarment, too! I wish I could have a whole closet (or room!) devoted just to them, especially if they were vintage beauties from the 50s like these (those tri-coloured ones in the last ad really do steal your breath away!).

    ♥ Jessica