Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pinspiration: Six Things for Summer

Summer is finally here! So now I feel that I can allow myself to indulge in all of my warm weather outfit dreams before it gets to the uncomfortably hot part of summer.

1. Sleeveless Blouses

I've got a couple sleeveless blouse patterns and I'm dreaming of whipping up a few of these if I ever get done with my Costume College projects.

2. Pants, Clam diggers and Shorts

I never realized how much I actually liked wearing shorts until I didn't have a pair! Instead of being anti-pants this summer, I'm going to rock them 50s style.

3. Cotton Summer Dresses

Cotton is the fabric of the summer. It's so comfortable!

4. Relaxed beachy look

Every year, I hear that the beachy look is in. Let's one up modern fashion by doing beachy with pin curls and red lipsticks!

5. Summer sun hats

Hats are great for keeping up that elegant vintage complexion. I've got a few wide brimmed sun hats that I really want to rock this summer.

6. Mix and Match separates

As much as I love pretty dresses, I'm really trying to do more separates. This cute mix and match set is just so darling!


  1. I too need to work on some separates! They feel so much less rewarding than when I finish a dress though! :/

  2. Awesome summer must-haves! I so love living in capris this time of year. Are they the world's most flattering garment on me, no, not really, but a pair in a solid, sturdy fabric isn't too bad and I loved them to pieces (they're perfect for barefooted walks on the beach here - something Tony and I just did yesterday actually, while I had my denim capris on), so they'll likely always remain in heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love those beachy looks! I really want a pair of white shorts that are lined for coverage. I'm so messy though I fear I'd drop something in my lap and ruin them, lol.

  4. I'll take one of each thank you very much

  5. Great list! I want all of the items featured in the pictures!!! I just wish I could make my own clothes - such a useful skill to have.