Monday, June 3, 2013

Vintage and Camping

Summer is here! And that means all sorts of outdoors activities! Here's my guide to vintage appropriate attire for all of those fun outdoor events such as camping!

1. Casual Bottoms

I love these cute vintage clam diggers! They are often made of really durable material like sailcloth so they'll hold up to roughing it.

Look for ones with wide rather than tapered legs. Often you can find a pair with some staining for a bit cheaper. If you are only going to wear them for camping, a few stains aren't going to matter.

2. Comfy Cotton Tops

Stick to comfy, loose blouses. Cotton is a cool and washable choice.

3. Camp worthy layers

Nothing says outdoors like Pendleton! Don't want to take an actual vintage Pendleton camping? Try a slightly oversized man's plaid flannel shirt.

Or try a vintage pullover style jacket. Try sail cloth for a wind breaker style or flannel for more warmth.

4. Swimwear

Camping for me growing up always meant some sort of water activities. Try a vintage style one piece for the pool or pick shorts and casual top for creek stomping.

5. Those fail projects

I always have a hard time getting rid of those failed sewing projects. Camping is a great place to get some wear out of them. No one will care if the waist band came out too big or you ended up with weird fabric bulges some place. This is also a great time to wear damaged/stained vintage pieces that you can usually get for a steal.

6. The House dress

If you really must wear a dress, try a vintage house dress. Look for one with a narrower skirt and pockets for practicality.

I also really love a kimono sleeve for hot weather.

7. Glamping Separates

If you are more of a glamper than a camper, try a mix and match mini vacation wardrobe. Mix and match pieces for a variety of looks.

Do you enjoy camping? What do you wear for outdoorsy summer activities!


  1. I wish we did the kind of camping where I could get away with vintage! I get very modern, we do backpacking type camping. I like to hike in sweat wicking compression leggings, which aren't very cute.
    Maybe I need to try some Glamping!

    1. Wow! You do hard core camping!

    2. At least the past few times! My father does pre 1840's camping events, and then I wear super duper vintage. He normally does the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous, which was held at my aunts farm last year in Troy.

  2. Wonderful post! I so adore camping (it was one of my favourite elements of being a Girl Guide as a youngster), though I can't do it as often or as ruggedly these days due to my health, a night or two under the stars is still an absolute must for me each summer.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I've never been a camping person, but I do love these options for vintage outdoorsy events.

  4. I love camping. These are all wonderful recommendations for a vintage look while enjoying the great outdoors.