Saturday, May 3, 2014

VPSA: Materials

Since we'll all be sewing from our own patterns, everyone's material requirements are going to be a bit different but here are some good rule of thumb lenghts:

Blouse: 1.5 to 2 yds
Shorts: 2 yds
Dirndl Skirt: 2.5-3 yds

Cotton is a great choice for material. Voile, poplin, twill and even quilting weight cottons are great options for your playsuit. Enjoy all your favorite fun summer fabrics like gingham, seersucker, and dotted swiss.

I've even seen adds for playsuits made out of denim!

Linen is another fun option. It's such a great durable fabric that will hold up to all of your summer adventures.

The 1940s love of rayon included playsuits too! Rayon is perfect for draped skirts in particular.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your fabrics too! Keep your blouse light weight but feel free to use a thicker fabric for the skirt and shorts.

Another important thing to consider is lining if you are planning on using lightweight and light colored fabrics. Personally, I prefer a nice lined or underlined piece than having to worry about slips and camisoles during the summer.

 Don't forget to consider embellishments like ric rac and other trims, buttons and zippers.

 For our dirndl skirt sew along, you'll need around 3 yds of fabric and 6-10 buttons depending on how long your skirt is and how closely together you space the buttons.


  1. Wow, I'm in love with those two '40s playsuits you posted. I like the shirt plus attached shorts look so I can preserve a modicum of modesty. I'll have to look in the pattern stash and see what I can come up with. Great inspiration!

  2. This is so fun to see how this all comes together. I'm working on my 30s beach pajamas and I'm not sure how they'd qualify so your tips and tricks do help:) I've heard about broadcloth for beachwear but I wonder if vintage broadcloth is different than the modern day version as I felt a broadcloth shirt in the store today and thought that I wouldn't like this tight weave for a beach outfit. I think linen might be nice but afraid of the wrinkling. I do notice with some fabrics that the vintage counterpart is of superior quality.