Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hats and Happenings Part 2

I promised you more hats didn't I?

1. 1950s brown and goldenrod topper $20

This darling wool hat features a yellow jersey fabric detail that is held in place by beaded straps. It's perfect to pair with a brown suit or to match with brown gloves and shoes.

 2. 1950s Green hat with tricolored ribbons $20

This green hat features three different colors of ribbon which makes it a chinch to pair it with several colors of accessories. It features cute rhinestone details in the front and a bow on the back. This hat is cute from any angle.

3. 1950s Beaded Tan Hat $25

The beading on this hat is so fun! Just look at the star beads, the star bursts made from beads and rhinestones and the double brim accented with beaded swirls! It reminds me of fire works and the upcoming Forth of July holiday without being too festive to wear the rest of the year.

4. 1950s Real Mink Hat $15

This lush hat is the perfect luxury piece for the gal who loves vintage furs! The fur is very soft and the lining material is yummy as well. Plus I know from personal experience that it will keep your head quite warm in the winter.

5. 1950s Pink Floral Hat $25

This hat features some amazing vintage flowers in soft shades of pink. Each flower features regular fabric as well as velvet petals and pearl stamen. They sit quite flat on the head and are perfect for the gal who loves flowers but might feel overwhelmed by the larger floral hats.

6. 1950s Simple Pink Hat $15 ***reserved

This hat is the softest blush pink. It features three rows of piping but is otherwise a simple and lovely hat. Simple hats like this are great for newbie hat wearers as it's low profile and won't make too much of a statement.

7. 1950s Fur and Velvet Hat-band $15

This lovely topper is the vintage equivalent of a fancy headband. It features a black velvet base with fur trim and a cute rhinestone accent. This dainty hat is just perfect for fancy winter events.

8. 1950s Rose Garden hat $25

This hat is not for the headwear faint of heart! It features gorgeous ivory 3D roses and leaves. I just love florals with leaves because it makes them so much more realistic! This hat also comes with it's original matching hat pin pictured below.

 9. 1950s White Veiled Rose hat $25

This floral topper features large white roses and green leaves. It has a white veil in mint condition. This would be the perfect alternative to a veil for a gal planning a vintage wedding!

10. 1950s Blue Velvet Turban $20

 This hat is a gorgeous shade of blue velvet! Yummy! It features a great knot detail which is technically the front but I've also worn this side as the back (You can see I've left the pearl hat pin on this side from the last time I wore it). It's been a bit crushed at some point in it's life but it sits so nicely on the head that you can't tell when it's worn.

11. 1950s Pink Beaded Cocktail hat $20

This beaded cocktail hat is so fun and bubble gum pink to boot! It features a great beaded detail with a few rhinestones thrown in for good measure. This hat can also be worn frontwards and backwards. One side is missing some rhinestones and a pearl (although I found the pearl after I took the photos and will attach it before sending this hat out.) See the comparison photos below to see the missing bits. This condition is reflected in the price.

Prices do not include shipping from the US. Email me at girlwiththestarspangledheart[at]gmail[dot]com if you've found something you can't live without. Give my hats a happy home!

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