Monday, June 20, 2016

Hats and Happenings

Hi guys! Life has gotten pretty busy lately which means less time for outfit photos. One reason it's been busier is that we have an official move out date and have located a new apartment. But our move has been bumped up a month so premoving activities are in over drive. Aside from working through Konmari round two, I need to finish selling things from Konmari round one! So there will be several for sale type posts as I try to rehome more vintage goodies. I had planned on spacing them out a bit more but time has gotten away from me.

I'm also working on a big project for the blog that I will be unveiling here later this summer. It's going to take some effort but I'm so excited! So stay tuned for more on that. Ok, on to shopping!

 1. 1950s Straw and Roses hat $25

This darling straw hat is perfect for summer. It features red roses with little rose buds. It is a bit dented in the back but you cannot tell when the hat is worn. It also features a darling label!

 2. 1950s black cocktail hat with rhinestone brooch $25

This is the perfect little black hat! It will go with everything. It features satin gathered poofs around the front and a very pretty rhinestone star that still has all of its stones. So classy!

 3. 1950s Pink Velvet hat with dramatic feather $25

There is something so glamorous about a feather in a hat. And this feather is so fun! I also adore the pink pin tucked detail on top. This hat practically screams femininity.

 4. 1950s Straw Pear-y hat $25

In my opinion, fruit on hats is always a good idea. While cherries seem to be the retro fruit of choice, this pear is just yummy! The nice spring green is such a lovely color and I just adore the fact that this hat includes the twig and leaves with the pear.

5. 1950s Yellow Pearled hat $25

This hat is so gorgeous! It features a great ribbon detail all over the hat creating a flower and such wonderful texture! The pearls add that extra touch of fabulousness to this fun hat. The netting is a bit delicate but otherwise this hat is in perfect condition.

6. 1940s Wine Fedora $45

This wool fedora is a lovely wine color. It features velvet accents including a cute upside down bow! The bow ends could use a bit of steaming to help them stand up better and there are a few moth chews but this hat is fabulous!

 7. 1950s Summer Straw Sun Hat $25

This wide brimmed hat is great for keeping you in the shade It has a bow in the front and one in the back but is simple enough to go with anything. Picnic anyone?

8. 1950s Teal Velvet Beaded Hat $25

This hat is the perfect shade of 1950s teal! Pair it with red, black, yellow or pink for a perfect retro color palette. It features a fun beaded design and still has all of the original beading intact.

Prices do not include shipping from the US. Please email me at girlwiththestarspangledheart[at]gmail[dot]com if you see something you can't live without! And keep an eye on this space for more hats!


  1. Super pretty hats! I feel like a kid in a candy (or would that be, millinery?) shop just looking at these beauties.

    Wishing you all the best with your sales and upcoming move.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks! The move is sneaking up on me for sure!