Friday, November 30, 2012

In which I knit

I've been in quite a knitting mood over the last few months so it's about time I shared some of my projects with you!

My husband won me some gorgeous red wool yarn and I decided to knit up this cute cropped sweater with it.

It knit up pretty quickly. The longest part was actually picking out the buttons! lol

It's not from a vintage knitting pattern but the crop style works great with high waisted skrits.

My ravelry page for this project is here.

baby monstaa’s very scary bonnet-side

One of my friends and her husband just started fostering a little boy and I couldn't resist knitting up this little monster hat! Ravelry page here.

Shawangunk Beret

I also whipped myself up this cute lace hat. I definitely need more hats for this winter! I don't have a lot of stash yarn but I do need some more stash busting projects like this. Ravelry page here.

I've also been knitting up some Christmas presents but I can't exactly share them here incase people peak! My current work in progress is a great shawl from the above pattern. Maybe after it's done, I'll be brave enough to try out one of my A Stitch In Time sweaters again!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: Dressing for Hosting

There's one last bit of 1950s cocktail party wear that I couldn't resist! The hostess apron! There are gobs of cute vintage aprons that are obviously not ment to actually protect clothes from cooking messes. But they are super cute over a vintage dress and instantly say "yes, I am the fabulous party hostess!".

A cute shear apron in a bright color will see you through parties all year round. Available here.

Or go with a holiday one to compliment your party or to make a plain dress more festive. Available here.

Fun details such as ribbon trim make an apron special. Available here.

Aprons patterns also abound and are a great beginner sewing project. Available here.

Novelty patterns were super popular. Available here.

Add an applique to any apron pattern to make it more festive. Available here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black Friday Haul Video!

I'm not generally a fan of haul videos but I think such an epic shopping event such as Black Friday calls for one so here's what I bought (for me anyways) this Black Friday. (And here's last year's haul video if you're interested.)

In case you are wondering, this is more the type of thing I wear to work (because I can't wear vintage or vintage style easily) although I was a bit more dressy than usual when I filmed this.

And I promise that the next video with be a 1950s pixie style! It's been harder to film videos now that my husband works from home but I'm working on them. I have one filmed and several more planned.

Pixie Inspiration 1

Now that I'm a pixie, I love finding new pixie inspiration! And I'm super excited about Cirque du Soleil's movie Worlds Away which stars a darling pixie gal.

Isn't she fab! And I love that dress.

Her look definitely has a 20s vibe to me with the short hair and blunt bangs.

And knowing Cirque du Soleil, it'll be full of amazingness.

I'm not 100% sure of the plot from the trailer but it looks sort of Alice In Wonderland-ish. Have you ever seen a Cirque du Soleil performance?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: Party Planning Part 2

Once you've assembled your guests, it's time to get the party started! Even if you don't live in a fabulous vintage home, you can set the mood with a few easy things! (Part 1 here)

Play some great music! I'm a fan of Bing Crosby and The Puppini Sisters. Both have great holiday albums out for your holiday party.

Assemble some great party favors. A tube of drug store red lipstick is a great touch. Add a string of cheap faux pearls for some glamor. (Forever 21 has them for ~$2). A sassy Anne Taintor magnet is a great reminder that vintage glamor is accesible every day!

You could also have on a great vintage holiday movie! I love White Christmas and Holiday Inn but feel free to share your favorite with your guests.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Hope your holiday weekend was lovely! Here's what I wore to Thanksgiving #3 (of 4!). If you missed my outfit for #2, it's here.

I made this dress a while ago from some 1950s looking Christmas quilting fabric. I was hoping that using a contrasting fabric for the top would tone down the "Christmas-iness" but alas, it is not so. So now it's been relegated to my holiday wardrobe.

I broke with my tradition of wearing plaid but I did get to wear my crinoline which was super fun. Alas, the event was a bit cramped for space and I took up a lot. Whoops!

Fabric: Christmas quilting fabric and some random white fabric from the stash
Pattern: Butterick 8078
Year: 1950s
Notions: zipper ($2), buttons ($3)
First worn: November '12
Wear again? Yup, it's a bit Christmas-y for most of the year but it's great for Thanksgiving to New Years. I've already made up a second version of this pattern and it's lovely!

I felt that the top was a bit plain so I added green buttons and some red embroidery. I also used a vintage belt kit for the matching belt.

I accessorized with a red cardigan to amp up the Christmas vibe and my polka dot and red heals. I love tea length dresses with super high heels!

What did you wear to this weekend's holiday festivities?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: An Elegant Evening

Occasionally life gives us an occasion to really go the whole nine yards! Whether it's a New Year's Eve party, a cruise or a black tie wedding, a vintage gown will make you the star!

Floor length or almost floor length is a must! Choose a striking color combo. Available here.

Striking draping adds a wow factor. Available here.

Consider a striking low back for a sexy movie star look. Available here

Vogue had many fabulous evening gown patterns like this one with a structural collar. Available here.

I love the draping on the back of this dress. Available here

This wiggle dress has a great neckline to show off your bling. Available here.

While fabulous vintage evening gown patterns can easily set you back as much as a vintage evening dress, Vogue has reprinted several evening gown patterns.

  • Hats-leave them at home for this evening
  • Jewelry-bring on the bling! Pick a sparkly necklace that matches the neckline of your gown.
  • Shoes-Metallics are a great option. Or choose a pair that matches one of the colors in your gown.
  • Hair- An elegant updo like a French twist will let your gown shine. Consider a trip to the salon (with a picture) or have a friend over to help.
  • Elbow length gloves are a nice touch and show off a bracelet nicely. Consider a (faux) fur wrap or coat for winter events.
My 50s evening gown. (1)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: Party Planning Part 1

I suspect many of you are in the same boat as me and have few (or no) vintage wearing friends near by.  But you probably have loads of lurking admirers who just need a bit of encouragement to get them to join in your vintage fun. Here are some things to do to help get your own 1950s cocktail party!

Give your guests some dress code guidelines. Many 50s cuts are still classic today! You can also suggest some films your guests can watch for inspiration.

  • pencil skirts-go for knee length or longer. Solids and tweeds are great!
  • full skirts-the bigger the better
  • shirtwaist dresses-always classy
  • pearls
  • pumps

You may want to open your closet up to guests for a bit of dress up. You don't want to let people try on your delicate 1920s beaded evening gown but crinolines and hats are nice options and fit many sizes.

If your friends are really gunghoe about the party, you can make it a two part event. Plan a thrifting day before hand to find some thrift store pieces that can work for the party. With you to guide their way, your pals are sure to find some winning pieces for the party.

Be supportive of your friends efforts and I'm sure you'll have interest people coming out of the woodwork. Most people are just timid and need a safe place to start dressing vintage.

More posts on this topic are coming!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pencil Skirt Sew-Along Complete

I had some free sewing time this weekend so I finished up my pencil skirt for the pencil skirt sew-along!

I had just over a yard of cute plaid fabric in my stash that I had to buy as a steal on clearance and it looks smashing. It's McCall 5121.

It has a cute kick pleat. I also added a lining so that the white was a bit more opaque.

The blouse is also a new finish. I finally picked up some covered buttons to finish it. It's from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing (review coming this week!).

The skirt called for closing with hooks and eyes but I grabbed one button from the stash instead. Just goes to show you that you should keep all those odd and end buttons.

And it's not a photo shoot without some silliness!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: A Dressy Occasion

Sometimes life involves a dressier occasion. This is a classy event where other ladies will be in dresses (or at least dress pants). Or it could be a gathering of your favorite vintage loving pals and you want to shine a bit among all of the other vintage loveliness!

Bring on those dressy fabrics! Metalics are a great option! They look glamorous and are in style all year round. Available here.

Chiffon is a great fabric option as is velvet for trim or the whole dress! Dark jewel tones will make you the bell of any party. Available here.

A wiggle dress in a great brocade is always classy and sassy. And they are a great way to be sexy without being over exposed. Available here.

Looking to be unique? Go for a bold silhouette like a drop waist! Available here.

Stand out with a unique neckline. Off the shoulder dresses make your neck look long and thin. Available here.

A cummerbund is a nice dressy detail. Tie one around and existing dress for a different look. Available here.

I've seen quite a few patterns where a wiggle dress has a full sheer overskirt. They look super fun. Plus it's a great way to help get one dress through several events. Available here.

Some other things to consider:

  • Hats-look for special details like beading and rhinestones. Hair flowers and feathers are also great.
  • Jewelry-go for bolder pieces such as a great pair of earrings. Pearls are always great too!
  • Shoes-go tall. go pointy. go peep toe. go fabulous! Stick with a coordinating color for a period appropriate look or go with a pop of color for a modern twist. Also consider shoe clips to jazz up a pair already in your closet.
  • Hair- a sleek updo looks classic. A French twist or a large, low bun look great.
  • Gloves and a small clutch complete the look. Go for a metallic, beaded or velvet bag to keep with the dressy look.

I don't go to many dressy occasions, but if I did, I'd wear one of these: (1) (2)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Youtube of the Week: Everyday Pixie Style

There's more pixie goodness this week! Here I share how I do my everyday pixie style. It's super easy!

I finally got some velcro rollers and a small curling iron yesterday so the 50s pixie styles are coming soon!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cocktail Party Month: Cocktails

An important part of a cocktail party is the cocktail! If you're planning your own cocktail party, here are some ideas.

1950s Cocktails:

Rob Roy
1 part sweet Vermouth
2 parts Scotch
Angostura bitters
stir with cracked ice, strain, serve with twist of lemon peal

Gin 'n Tonic
Juice and rind of 1/4 lime
1 1/2 oz dry Gin
Quinine water (tonic)
put lime, gin, ice cubes in 8 oz glass; fill with tonic

Champagne Cocktail
1 lump sugar
Angostura bitters
Chilled Champagne
saturate lump of sugar with dash of bitters, add ice cubes, fill with champagne, top with twist of lemon peel

Mint Julep
10-12 fresh mint leaves
1 teaspoonful sugar
muddle mint leaves and sugar in tall glass. Fill glass with cracked ice. Add 1 jigger Old Crow(burbon). Stir until glass frosts.

Sometimes it's nice to take advantage of living in the 21st Century too! Here are some of my favorite liquors to try.

Hpnotiq-tasty on its own or with champagne or white wine

Midori-also good solo or with champagne. This is a great options for all sorts of fun green Christmas drinks. Add some grenadine to any clear or light colored cocktail for the red.

Throwing an alcohol free party or having underaged guests? Here's some beverage options for you!

Floats are a fun 50s option. Try the traditional root beer or jazz it up with 7up like in this ad!

Sparkling grape juice is a great way non-alcoholic party beverage. Bubbly drinks are so cocktail party! Jazz it up by adding fresh fruits, lemon zests, and flavors such as grenadine. Serve in a pretty glass for that finishing touch.

My personal favorite party punch is made from 7up, red Hawaiian punch, and rainbow sherbet. This also goes over well in cute glasses.